What does a Cité des métiers ?

A unique place to build your career plan

The Cités des métiers offer in one place all the resources you need to build your project and assist you in your transitions throughout your life.

In this open access place, open to all, you'll stay anonymous, free and without appointment. With personalized information and advice given objectively, you'll have everything you need to make your choice.

You will find including the ability to :

  • To meet experts in the fields of counseling, education and training counselors, employment, business creation.
  • Participate in workshops, group information sessions, events and sign up for clubs to meet people who share the same professional issues you.
  • Read up on trades, meet professionals from different industries.
  • Consult books and business cards, magazines.
  • To access multimedia self-service tools.

Cités des métiers in the world