The label Cité des Métiers is a protected trademark, belonging to Universcience – Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie which manages it as a free franchise.

The label Cité des Métiers can be granted upon submission of a file before an international commission chaired by Universcience and comprised of Label Committee members and of one or two external experts depending on the case. The Label Committee includes all the managers of the Cité des Métiers that have been working for more than one year and whose operation label has been confirmed.

Bernadette Thomas- Responsible for the Label (2000 - 2017)

A label granted in two steps

The label "Cité des Métiers in project" can be granted as soon as the outline of the future Cité des Métiers is well-defined :

  • Territory concerned by the label,
  • Principle commitment by the main partners,
  • Suitable place to receive the main site located,
  • Service offer defined, according to a diagnosis of the territory shared by the partners and meeting the needs of the inhabitants,
  • Expected opening date and reverse planning.

The label Cité des Métiers is granted as soon as the Cité des Métiers is ready for inauguration and public opening with all the services necessary to its operation, according to the Charter and to the labelled project.
The Label is confirmed one year after the opening upon submission to the Labellisation Committee of a file including an activity report. Except in special cases, the label is then automatically renewed upon submission of the yearly activity dashboard.

Qualifying territories