Launched in October 2015, the project aims to develop and sustain the Digital Professional Identity as a factor in employability of young adults. It targets in particular young people with low qualifications, the NEETs (Neither in Education, Employment or Training).

Netme-In is funded by the Erasmus + programme, for 3 years (2015-2018).

Led by the Foundation of European Regions for Research, Education and Training (FREREF), it gathered 10 European partners, including the Cités des métiers International Network which mobilised the Cité des métiers de Paris-la-Villette to implement the actions.
The others members of the consortium are: the University of Bretagne Sud, the Foundation University-Businesses of the Balearic Islands, the Dutch Foundation Innovation Welfare to Work, the Lifelong learning Centre of the Bosphore University in Istanbul, Sophia R&I, the CEIS from Italy and the Technic School and the Company Cistoca from the city of Karkovac in Croatia.

In the frame of the project, the Cité des métiers de Paris-la-Villette has realised since 2016, two Micro-Caps: “Illustration of the workshop: develop its employability on social networks" and an interview of a counsellor from Pôle Emploi at the Cité des métiers, you can find the document online.
The micro-caps are Web Learning Module to bring knowledge about the key subjects of the projects (Digital Professional Identity, Job access with Professional Social Networks, and support for less qualified and less experienced people, those who are furthest away from employment, etc.).

More information on the project website, Twitter or Facebook.


The project "DEveloping CAreer COunselling services in integrated spaces" (COCADE) is to up-skill the profession of career counselling and strengthen the partnership management in Cités des métiers and other similar sites.

It includes mutual learning and training actions between professionals. It will allow in particular to make a test of an initial training programme in the profession of career guidance counsellor in integrated spaces.

The project is leaded by the Cités des metiers International Network includes 8 other partners of which the Cités des metiers de Paris La Villette, de Haute-Normandie, de Porto, de Turin et de La Réunion. Other partners are UCC Carlsberg, Espaço t and Foundation for Education.

It is funded in the framework of the Erasmus + programme K2 «strategic parternships».

The project will be organised between September 2017 to February 2019 (18 months). A kick-off meeting will be held on September 28 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Paris La Villette.You can find a description of the project on the website of the European Commission.

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